Saturday, 12 May 2012


I woke early this morning as unusual. Having emptied the dishwasher and set the table for breakfast, I thought I'd spend a few quiet minutes checking my reading list on Blogger.


I know Tracksterman is still in China, BG is around and so is McEff but where is everyone else surely they’ve not all taken of for the TGO Challenge?

If you’re out there let me know, if you’re on the TGO I hope the first day went well, and I hope you have a good FWA for tomorrow because the MWIS forecast is dire!


  1. I'm still here - just returned from a short backpack in Wales. Bloody windy - those TGOCers will need damned good pegs this week and I'll bet few have them.

  2. LOL, Not on the TGO and looking at the weather I'm glad.

  3. Opps after last year, surely the TGOers deserve a break. Being a teacher, I can't do the TGO until I retire*, which if the government has its way will be about 5 years after I peg out. (*Alan Sloman reckons this has something to do with anti-teacher bias on the part of Hamish Brown, but I would have thought that May was chosen for midge avoidance).