Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mallorca Mayhem?

I’m off to Mallorca on Wednesday care of Ryanair, but I’m struggling to get my act together for this holiday and I’m not sure why.  

The trip has been in the diary for months, my brother has booked the flights and our first night’s accommodation, but I’ve done absolutely nothing, except print off the boarding cards!  

I bought Tony a copy of Walking in Mallorca by June Parker some years ago, because he’d always fancied a walking holiday there, but Cicerone guides go it’s not very inspiring and the maps are virtually unreadable. A trip to the Map Shop in Upton on Severn usually fires me up when I’m planning a trip, but much to my wife’s amazement I returned home empty handed, because the maps of Mallorca are crap!

So this is going to be a trip into the unknown, with no planning other than I think we’ll take the train to Soller on Thursday.



  1. I've been a couple of times, both a few years ago now. The walking is fabulous, but the navigation and access can both be akward.
    Take binoculars, there are amazing opportunities to watch birds of prey in the hills.

  2. Thanks for the advice Mark, I don’t normally take binoculars but I’ll put a pair in this time.

  3. We are going to Mallorca soon, and just realized after booking our tickets that the many matches on google maps for camping are not really campsites after all, so we would appreciate hearing about your experience! Though since we are with bikes, even crossing the island shouldn't be a big deal... Nonetheless, would love to hear how the sleeping/tenting worked out for you!

  4. I can’t comment on the camping because we stayed in a small hotel Soller.
    There were lots of cyclists on road bikes, but we didn’t see anyone on mountain bikes.
    We walked mainly in the local area, doing parts of the GR221 on old cobbled pony tracks which were very picturesque.

    1. Thanks for the prompt reply!

      Then we'll learn about camping in Mallorca firsthand :) (and will blog about out findings - eventually).