Thursday, 29 March 2012

NeoAir Short, keep, sell, buy a longer version, or go back to my Prolight?

After a lot of consideration I’ve decided to part company with my NeoAir short.

It’s a great mat, super light with a small pack size, and very comfortable once you learn not to over inflate it, but the drawback for me is the short length. Three years ago I slipped a disc, so I need to keep my legs and spine level when I’m sleeping. With a short mat it’s difficult to achieve this, particularly when you’re travelling light, because quite often there is not enough spare kit to make up the difference in height between the mat and the ground sheet.

So the Neo Air short has to go, for now I’ll revert to using my Prolite, whilst I review the alternatives.
I’ve only slept on it four times so; if anyone is interested in buying an as new NeoAir Short, at a competitive price please contact me by email.


  1. Hmmm...I have a cheap n cheerful Gelert 3/4 mat... (about £20 2 yrs ago, I think) and my main gripe with it is that I didn't buy the full sized version as the whole thing with having to insulate under your legs is indeed a bit of a pain.

    Looking forward to see what you decide on for your next purchase!

  2. Long shot I know but is this still available?

  3. Sorry I sold it within a few days.