Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Golite Jam - First outing.

My trip to the Cairngorms gave me the opportunity to try out my Golite Jam, and I have to say I’m rather pleased with it. It was comfortable to wear although slightly long in the back for me. It’s very roomy for a 50 litre sack, (I seem to remember Chris Townsend commenting that Golite litres tend to be larger than most others) and easily swallowed up my camping gear and three days of food.

I found the front pocket very useful as were the two stretch side pockets, and the two hip belt zip pockets. The lack of a lid pocket will take some getting used to, as I normally keep my fragile things here, like compass, camera, GPS. Why not transfer them to the front pocket? Well it not that straight forward, because for years I’ve used my rucksack as a seat when I stop, I place it on the ground straps up to keep the back clean and dry. If I do the same with the Golite Jam, these items will soon get broken. I also use my rucksack as a pillow or footrest when camping, with a lid pocket I can just flip the lid and my fragile items are safe, with a front pocket the items have to be removed, so a bit of reorganisation will be required before I completely happy.

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