Saturday, 23 April 2011

343 Conclusions

After taking a close look at the items that make up my big three, (see previous posts), I’ve decided to focus my weight saving energies, on my rucksack and sleeping mat.

At 1384g without its polythene liner, my Lowe Alpin Snowpeak 50, gives the best opportunity for a big weight saving. Searching for an alternative was initially quite difficult, as there are a bewildering number of 50 litre rucksacks available on the internet; fortunately I was able to dis-guard most of them, as either too heavy or not available in the UK. I’m really not keen to buy products that I can’t try on, so the sack must be available to view in the UK.
I then checked back issues of TGO Magazine and read various online reviews, all which pointed me towards the Golite Jam.
It’s a simple design, the quality is excellent, and it gets rave reviews from most testers. Improvements to the 2011 Jam have increased the weight to 840g, but this will save me over half a kilogramme!
The best deal I could find was £85.00 plus £3.50 postage and packing at the Climbers Shop in Ambleside, who I know from experience usually manage to deliver your goods the following working day. So I’ve placed my order, and now its time to think about sleeping mats.

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