Sunday, 20 March 2011

343 Gulp!

Last week I ordered Smarter Backpacking by Jorgen Johansson from Amazon. Chris Townsend recommends it on his website, so I thought it must be worth a read. Well I've just finished the book and I’ve had a quick browse on the website, although I remain to be converted to his dual publication idea, (I miss the pictures) the 343 concept is an excellent. It’s designed to make you stop and think, and it certainly does that!

My 343 weight, (that is the combined weight of your shelter, pack and sleeping system)  is 4.237 Kg’s, so that leaves me 1.3 Kg short of Jorgen's 3 Kg target.  It  feels like a lot of weight to shed, but I’ve already come a long way since my  first solo wild camp three years ago, when my 343 weight was 6.5 Kg.


  1. Its a good rule to try and work to. Its not that hard to get to once you make a jump to a frameless pack, and single skin shelter. I found your blog via you following mine. I shall add you to my list and read on through yours. I shall mention it on twitter ASAP and look forward to more stuff on your blog.

  2. Thanks Martin I appreciate that, when you’re new to Blogging followers are hard to come by. As you’ll see from my later posts I’ve made the jump to a frameless pack, but a single skin shelter I'm not sure that maybe a step to far.

  3. Keep blogging and let people know you'r out there by commenting on other blogs etc. But your blog has the things we like to read. Trip reports and gear thoughts. Followers will soon come calling.